I am worried
My animal looks ill / is injured and I can't afford a vet!

If you are unsure if your pet needs a vet and have internet access then visit the Do I need a vet site.


Possible sources of financial help.

The Tailwaggers Club Trust
Can make a financial contribution towards unexpected large veterinary bills to those who have fallen through the net of insurance and PDSA cover.

01293 883912
e-mail: admin@tailwaggersclubtrust.com

PDSA Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals
Treatment is free for animals belonging to people who are in receipt of council tax benefit or housing benefit and who live within the cachement area of a PDSA clinic or Pet Aid hospital or practise service.

There are restrictions. Only one pedigree dog per client.
Tel: 0800 731 2502 Mon - Fri 9 -5

Blue Cross
Treatment is free for animals belonging to peope who are in receipt of certain means tested benefits and who are in the cachement areas of the Blue Cross Animal Hospitals and Mobile Clinics in London and Grimsby. Four Blue Cross rehoming centers outside of London have veterinary welfare clinics
Veterinary services Does your pet qualify for treatment?

Blue Cross Animal Hospitals Victoria 0207 932 2370
Hammersmith 0208 748 5150
Merton 0208 254 1400
Grimsby 0300 777 1841
Blue Cross Mobile Clinic London 0207 932 2370 Bethnal Green Road Market Monday
Hackney Town Hall Car Park Wednesday
Islington Green Thursday
Walthamstow Town Square Friday
Blue Cross veterinary Welfare Clinics Felixstow 0300 777 1480
Bromsgrove 0300 777 1460
Tiverton 0300 777 1560
Southampton 0300 777 1530

The Blue Cross also run an animal ambulance service for people too elderly or ill to transport their animals to Blue Cross vet care and an out of hours emergency service. They ask that people ring first so that they can assess the situation.

The Dogs Trust Hope Project
Runs a veterinary entitlement card scheme giving free and subsidised veterinary treatment to dogs whose owners are homeless or in housing crisis.
Note that they expect dogs to be neutered. If your dog is not neutered a card will only be issued for four months and not renewed if the dog is not neutered. Four months should be sufficient to deal with most veterinary problems if you have objections to neutering.
They also have a list of dog friendly hostels, housing projects, homelessness services and there is a Christmas parcel service for the homeless.
Hope Project Tel: 0207 837 0006

Pet Aid Society 0191 514 4353 or 0191 514 4353
May give assistance with vet costs over £100 in Cheshire East,Cheshire West and Chester, and Wirral.

Dog Aid Society Scotland
Runs a veterinary aid scheme for those suffering financial hardship who have been left with unexpected veterinary bills they are finding difficult to pay. Proof of benefits is required.
Tel: 0131 668 3633

Also offer advice on dealing with behavioural problems such as barking, destructiveness or growling.

We have to mention here that some RSPCA local branches offer reduced price veterinary treatment.

Note that they might report for possible prosecution anyone they think has not brought their animal for treatment quickly enough or whose dog they think might be a banned breed, or who they believe has caused their animals injuries either deliberately or through neglect.

Some branches have a better name than others. We understand that Cambridge branch is very helpful and makes use of the Veterinary hospital attached to Cambridge University. Make sure you do your research before you commit to taking your animal to any RSPCA clinic

Other clinics that have been known to report their own clients are the Celia Hammond Animal Trust clinics. They provide reduced cost treatment for animals whose owners are on low incomes. To qualify for treatment at their clinics your pet must be neutered or going to be neutered as soon as possible.
The Celia Hammond Animal Trust.
Using our Vet Clinics– F.A.Q’S

Usual opening hours Mon - Fri 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Out of hours there is a recorded message with the contact number of their emergency vet.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust
Cat and Dog Neuter and
Veterinary Clinic
233- 235, Lewisham Way
020 8691 2100

Celia Hammond Animal Trust
Cat and Dog Neuter and
Veterinary Clinic
151- 153, Barking Road,
Canning Town
E16 4HQ
020 7474 8811

What can I do to prepare for vet costs?

Insurance is expensive and often stops when an animal gets older. This can coincide with the owner retiring and their income dropping.
If you save the amount you would pay in insurance each week or month you can soon build up enough to cover most eventualities.
Some Credit Unions will allow regular savers to borrow against their savings to pay vet bills. You need to discuss this with your chosen credit union first.
Find your Local Credit Union

If you find any other sources of financial help with your pet please let us know. E Mail us here.