Willow Tree Stables,
6 Prickwillow Road,
Isleham, Cambs. CB7 5RG

Date: 25 November 2003

RSPCA Withdraw Cruelty Allegations

On Wednesday 27th February 2002 the RSPCA, with a Police escort, visited the Isleham Horse and Pony Rescue Centre to investigate allegations of cruelty to animals. The police seized four animals which were removed and placed in the care of the RSPCA.

On 26th April 2002, following two prior Court attendances, Cambridge Magistrates Court ordered Cambridgeshire Constabulary to return the three remaining animals and to pay costs of over £5000. On leaving the Court the RSPCA served Wendy Davies (founder of the Rescue Centre) with four prosecutions for cruelty to animals.

On 15th July 2003, Cambridgeshire Constabulary attempted to appeal in the High Court in London against the ruling made by Cambridge Magistrates. The High Court Judge rejected this appeal due to “gross incompetence” by Cambridgeshire Constabulary and ordered them to again pay costs.

On 21st November 2003, following consideration of all of the evidence, the RSPCA withdrew the four prosecutions prior to a planned 2 week trial in December 2003, on the agreement that we would not make a claim against the RSPCA over the seizure, and death of one of our animals whilst in their care.

Speaking on behalf of the Isleham Horse and Pony Rescue Centre, Simon Waldron (Treasurer) said "We are delighted that the RSPCA have taken a careful and considered view, and that after a traumatic 21 months (for both us and our animals), the allegations have been withdrawn and we can get on with devoting all our time and funds to caring for our animals”.

If you should require any further information please contact:

Simon Waldron (Honorary Treasurer) on 08707 434 633.

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