Campaign for change in the RSPCA

Now that the RSPCA have been granted the powers of a Prosecutor under the Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 2000, and what looks like the granting of even more powers under the new Animal Welfare Bill, [Read the Draft here] The RSPCA have truly become the Animal Police. In some areas they have more powers than the police. These powers are supposed to be governed by the neccessity to get a court order. Unfortunately the RSPCA have been allowed to create an aura of being exactly right, and never getting it wrong. The majority of Magistrates believe that if the RSPCA have brought a prosecution that the accused MUST be guilty.

The powers of prosecution were removed from the police and given to the Crown Prosecution Service. This was done as it was considered that the police would have too great an interest in obtaining a successful prosecution having been involved in the investigation. How much more applicable is that to the RSPCA, which is often campaigning politically to end the very activities they are investigating?

The RSPCA do not use the Crown Prosecution Service, they take out Private Prosecutions. They refuse to use the Crown Prosecution Service because they believe that their own internal prosecutions department is far superior and far more thorough than the Crown Prosecution Service.

Complaints to the RSPCA
about the RSPCA
are investigated by the RSPCA.
Would you find yourself guilty and sentence yourself if asked to investigate and sentence yourself?

The RSPCA as a Charity is governed by the Charity Commissioners but they will only intervene if certain criteria are met.

Dealing with complaints about charities

and the
Proposed Animal Welfare Bill.

If you have concerns about the RSPCA, this page details what we are doing to try to bring them under control, and what you can do to help.

Some of you will do all of these things, others only one or two. The choice is yours.

Please feel free to use these resources to fight for your animals in whichever way you feel best.

Media Campaigning.

Make your voice heard.

You will find links to newspapers in the UK that are online here. Many will accept letters via e-mail.
If your letter is printed send us a copy and any subsequent debate. If you get a reply we would like to publish it here.
If you see an article in the press that relates to the RSPCA, do not assume we have seen it. Send us a copy.

Political Campaigning. Fax your MP for Free from Here
Courtesy of
Ask your MP where he stands on the issues raised on the SHG pages and on the RSPCA-Animadversion pages. Find your MP
Send us a copy of his reply. We will summarise it and post it here. MP's answers [0]
When any election is pending in your area, approach the candidates from all parties. Political Party Websites.
You will find out who your local councillors are from the council offices, or you might even find them on your local council's website. List of local council websites
Living in Wales. Find your Assembly Member Here
How to Lobby Government Effectively
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Download as a

You will find a list of DEFRA consultation documents here. Please reply to those that will affect you and your animals.
Our responses will appear here. If you respond and want it published here send it to us. [0]

No New Legislation Without the Implementation of Proper Protection for People's Civil and Legal Rights.

SHG Response to DEFRA Animal Welfare Bill Consultation here

Case Commentaries.  
Some were found guilty. Some proved their innocence. All were investigated and prosecuted by the RSPCA. Read their stories here

If you hear or see a report of somebody being summonsed, try to let them know about SHG, and let us have as many details as possible,

Do not assume they are guilty on the basis of a press report. Many press reports are based on RSPCA press releases, not what actually happened in court.

Everyone is entitled to legal advice and to know their rights.

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