and the
Proposed Animal Welfare Bill.

14 July 2004- Defra Published a Draft Animal Welfare Bill
  Shg make their submission to DEFRA
  The House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee ask for submissions from the public.
  Shg made a written submission to the EFRA Committee.
13 September 2004- SHG was invited to give oral evidence before the EFRA Committee at Portcullis House in London.

6 October 2004-

Shg received a copy of a letter written by Ms. Jackie Ballard, The Director General of the RSPCA to Charles Hendry MP, detailing prosecution figures for 2003. Shg analysed these figures and submitted the analysis to the Efra Committee.

13 October 2004- Shg gave oral evidence before the EFRA Committee
14 October 2004-

The RSPCA gave evidence to the Committee in which they refuted the figures given by SHG and were asked by the Committee to produce some concrete figures

The RSPCA produced some figures these were passed to SHG by the EFRA committee.

Shg then produced another set of analyses based on thesefurther figures from the RSPCA. They were submitted to the Committee. They are to be found here. (HTML or PDF File

8 December 2004- First Report The Draft Animal Welfare Bill
HTML version
PDF version

3 March 2005- Government Reply to the Committee's Report
HTML version
PDF version
A lawyers Summary and Critique
of the
forthcoming Animal Welfare Bill

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