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What rights, if any, do the RSPCA have?

What rights do you have?



Even the RSPCA admit they have

No Right of Entry


If you don't want to believe us . . .

See what a Government Minister has to say!!

DEFRA says:

"The RSPCA cannot issue formal improvement notices under the Act. They do, and will continue to, issue their own informal notices ;improvement notices’. These are not formal notices under the Act and have no power in law."

DEFRA website Here


The legally worded sign for your gateways


What Rights do the RSPCA have Poster


A growing collection of UK legislation used by the RSPCA, also special request Statutes asked for by those fighting to retain their animals.

The RSPCA may say:




"You do not have to say anything but......."




"You say.........."


There is no such thing as a "friendly" chat. The RSPCA are not your friends!



Arrested ?.........We know it happens, be prepared- read this.



Animal owners should be aware that if during an RSPCA prosecution they give permission for their vet to discuss their animals with the RSPCA or the policeman seizing them, they are waiving all future rights to client privilege during pending court proceedings.

This becomes important if your vet is ( or later becomes as a result of RSPCA involvement) critical in any way.

It is of use to the RSPCA in some cases where the owner's vet examined the animals but is not being called for the defence, with a view to issuing a witness summons to the vet.

If the accused has waived their right to confidentiality the vet can then disclose to the prosecution any adverse advice or reports that would otherwise have remained unseen, and give evidence against the defendant.

The answer is:

  1. Dont allow your vet to talk to the RSPCA or the police until you have a report in writing ( possibly handwritten on the day) that you know is favourable to you.
  2. Wherever possible your vet should not disclose or say anything that has not been specifically cleared by your solicit

I am worried
My animal looks ill / is injured and I can't afford a vet!


Funding for legal representation in RSPCA cases.

We are at present awaiting clarification and a rewrite of this page.  

Be Very Very wary of a solicitor who tells you to give more than a     
"No Comment" interview to the RSPCA.     




Read what some Solicitors have to say about

Defending Animal Welfare Prosecutions

Farm Animal Welfare 



Tape Recording a Conversation or Telephone Call

Is it Legal?

All the articles on this main page are downloadable as Word Documents from here


DO NOT go to court without legal advice











Please sign and share this petition:

We ask the government to investigate the RSPCA's activities,
especially where they infringe civl or legal rights.

and the
Proposed Animal Welfare Bill.

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Visit the Campaign for change in the RSPCA page.

For more background information visit the RSPCA Animadversion Site

This petition has now closed with a total of 2027 signatures, there has now been a response from the Government it can be found here with the wording of the petition:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to
Hold a public enquiry into the policies and running of the RSPCA.



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